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In Object-Oriented Concepts, we will introduce the core concepts behind modern, object-oriented, programming. We will discuss objects, classes, messaging, inheritance, polymorphism, and more. As with Fundamentals of Programming, we will illustrate the concepts using the Python language, but they will be portable to other object-oriented programming languages.

An understanding of C++ helps to solidify knowledge of programming concepts and provides a strong foundation for learning other programming languages. This course takes students' programming skills to the next level by emphasizing practical programming skills while focusing on creating text-based games. The course examines common programming constructs as they are implemented in C++ including C++ 11. Topics include the use of C++ for memory management, file input/output (I/O), pointers, references, exceptions, and object-oriented programming. Basic data structures such as linked lists, stacks, and queues are covered in terms of their usage and implementation using C++. Modules in the course are accompanied by a mini-game project to teach the associated programming concepts as well as to hone problem-solving skills and good coding practices.

To familiarize students with the basic concepts in information security, including security attacks/threats, security vulnerabilities, security policies, security models, and security mechanisms. Understand the concepts, principles and practices related to elementary cryptography, including plain-text, cipher-text, the four techniques for crypto-analysis, symmetric cryptography, asymmetric cryptography, digital signature, message authentication code, hash functions, and modes of encryption operations.

Knowledge representation and reasoning (KRR, KR&R, KRĀ²) is the field of artificial intelligence (AI) dedicated to representing information about the world in a form that a computer system can use to solve complex tasks such as diagnosing a medical condition or having a dialog in a natural language.

This course gives a demonstration of practical aspects in Exit Exam System. This course gives a demonstration of practical aspects in Exit Exam System. This course gives a demonstration of practical aspects in Exit Exam System.